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  • Judgment enforcement refers to the process of ensuring that a court-issued judgment or court order is carried out and enforced by the legal system. Obtaining a judgment is often just the first step in the legal process, as it does not guarantee that the winning party will actually receive the compensation or remedy ordered by the court.

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Judgment enforcement typically involves a series of legal procedures and mechanisms aimed at compelling the losing party to comply with the court's judgment

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What is a judgment?


A Judgment is a court decision, spelled out in a court order, that adjudicates a dispute between two parties by determining the rights and obligations of each party resulting in a court decision of the lawsuit.

If a judgment is entered against the debtor; a demand letter is sent and if the debtor won't comply, judgment enforcement brings forth all of the debtor's assets to satisfy the debt, including payment plans, leans, wage garnishments, seize assets, bank levies, foreclosures, and other tools to enforce and satisfy the debt.

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There are 2 ways to approach judgments, once we review the Judgment, we can offer you a flat sum, or move forward to enforce and we get paid when you get paid.

We apply advanced strategies to enforce judgments when dealing with big amounts of money owed, they may become difficult to find over time, and they can afford expensive lawyers, making it tough for an ordinary person to collect the money they are owed.

How we do it:

Per our agreement, we "step into the shoes" of a Plaintiff/Judgment Creditor, then proceed Pro Se "For himself". As Pro Se, we may use the entire panoply of the law to enforce a judgment. Our nuclear option is to perform a very extensive Judgment Debtor Exam. In California, we are allowed to "leave no stone unturned." That means that we could subpoena documents and individuals to personally appear in Court. We may seize their assets and we may continue to pursue justice through the enforcement of judgments for decades.

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Monetary judgments automatically expire (run out) after 10 years. To prevent this from happening, the creditor must file a request for renewal of the judgment with the court BEFORE the 10 years run out. There is no limit on how many times a judgment creditor can renew the judgment.

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What happens if a defendant or the Judgment debtor (JD) does not pay the judgment? The judgment creditor (JC) can garnish or "seize" their property.

The judgment creditor can get an order that tells the Sheriff to take your personal property, like the money in your bank account or business to pay the debt.

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Over 80% of all judgments will NEVER be collected, the courts can't force the losing party to pay. That's how we help.

We research your judgment and report our findings to you with no obligation. We may offer to be the "Assignee of Record" or make you a "Cash Offer" for your Judgment.

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